Gas Safety Tips


In Case of a Gas Leak

Indoor Gas Leaks

Indoor natural gas leaks usually smell like sulfur or a burnt match. Natural gas utilities add this odor to the gas so people will know when it is leaking. If you smell gas and no adult is home:

  • Leave the house and take everyone with you.
  • Do not use a light switch, garage door opener, match, flashlight, phone, or even a cell phone—sparks could ignite the gas.
  • Call the gas company from a trusted neighbor’s or from a phone far away from the area.
  • Keep oxygen away from gas appliances including the furnace and water heater.
  • Keep water heaters set at 120 degrees F to avoid (water) scorching hazards.
Outdoor Gas Leaks

Leaks from natural gas pipelines, although rare, can be a fire hazard. Pipeline leaks usually smell like sulfur or a burnt match—but not always. So don't rely on your nose alone. Be alert for any of the following signs:

  • A hissing or roaring sound
  • Dirt spraying or blowing into the air
  • Continual bubbling in water
  • Grass/plants dead or dying for no apparent reason

What to Do:

  • Do not use fire or electricity. Even the smallest spark from a phone, flashlight, or match could ignite the gas.
  • Go far away from the area and do not return until safety officials say it is safe.
  • Call 911. Cascade Natural Gas customers should also call the customer service/emergency number at 1-888-522-1130.

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